For the fifth consecutive year, ELPEN was a sponsor at the «Health Entrepreneurship & Communication» two-day Meeting, thereby actively supporting the healthcare community.

This is the largest scientific/educational meeting, as it draws the attention of the entire healthcare community and pharmaceutical market representatives. This year, over 6700 healthcare professionals attended the Exposition, while 125 speakers participated with 53 talks within the context of 14 round tables. The Meeting was held on the 18th and 19th of February, 2017, at the «Metropolitan Expo» Convention Center.

Through the course of the Meeting, ELPEN’s Consumer Health Care Department presented the company’s new products for cutaneous irritation caused by skin exposure to radiation (actinic dermatitis). These products belong to ELPEN’s new artia line; they are of natural origin and aim at efficiently preventing and treating reversible skin lesions (dryness, erythema, pruritus, burning sensation, exfoliation, or mild burns), which appear in patients that are subjected to radiation for treatment purposes. Furthermore, they have resulted from specialized scientific research, which has been conducted by the pioneer Greek Pharmaceutical Industry, ELPEN.

During an award ceremony that was realized for the first time in the history of this organization, ELPEN’s long-lasting and decisive contribution to the training and development of Greek pharmacists was recognized by all conventioneers: through a real-time voting procedure, ELPEN was voted as the 3rd most actively investing company in emphasizing the scientific role of healthcare professionals.

  01 March 2017