At ELPEN, ensuring the quality of our products and services is paramount.

Therefore, our Quality Management System fully complies with the ISO 9001:2015 and EU GMP standards.

Always seeking to expand our network of partners, we undergo regular audits by non-Greek authorities, auditing bodies and companies checking our level of safety and performance against other national standards (different from the relevant EU framework) in order to verify proper production methods [e.g., the Saudi FDA (SFDA), the Jordan FDA (JFDA) , as well as national GMP standards from the authorities of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran & Iraq.

We implement a quality management system comprised of strict quality standards, with the purpose to:

  • Intensify our efforts to constantly improve our products and services
  • Continue to improve our production capacity through effective implementation of operational procedures
  • Systematically adapt to and comply with institutional and regulatory requirements
  • Maintain and even surpass our reputation with regards to quality, provided services, and reliability
  • Manage incidents of non-compliance and conflict of interest in a timely and efficient manner

All members of our staff involved in the activities mentioned above operate according to best practices, ensuring that ELPEN's services, products and level of information fully comply with the standards and obligations arising from the provisions of national and international legislation.