1. Acceptance  

Access and use of this website are subject to the following terms and conditions and to all applicable laws. By accessing and reading the content of this website you accept these Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms and Conditions”) without any limitation or reservation, and acknowledge that any other agreement with ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. for the use of the website, is not valid.

2. Medical Information/Diseases

Any information you may find about pharmaceutical products or diseases on this website is provided to you by ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. and is for general information purposes. Many of the pharmaceutical products that may be listed are only available with a prescription from a health care professional who has the authority to prescribe pharmaceutical products. The information provided does not constitute complete medical information. IF YOU SUFFER FROM ANY DISEASE, VISIT YOUR DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. WE DO NOT PROVIDE PERSONAL MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS OR SPECIALIZED TREATMENT ADVICE. You should always obtain complete medical information about the medicinal product prescribed to you (including its beneficial medical uses and possible adverse effects) by discussing the appropriate use of the medicinal product with the healthcare professional who prescribed it to you. The Greek applicable legislation does not allow direct information and communication between the general public and pharmaceutical companies regarding prescription pharmaceutical products, except for the information contained in the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL). However, ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  provides all necessary information and answers to healthcare professionals, always in accordance with Greek legislation, the codes of conduct of the pharmaceutical market and ELPEN's internal procedures.

3. Use of content/Intellectual Property Rights

The entire content of this website is protected by Intellectual Property law, without prejudice to any rights of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc..  You have free access to this website, but you may read, copy, or use information from the website including text, images, audio, or video files (hereinafter "Content") only for your personal, non-commercial use. You are not authorized to distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, display, reproduce, repost, retransmit, or use the Content of the website for commercial purposes without the written permission of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc..  You must retain and reproduce all industrial and intellectual property markings, or any other proprietary marking contained in the Content whenever you download. You must assume that anything you see or read on this website is protected by intellectual and industrial property rights, unless expressly stated otherwise, and may not be used without the prior written permission of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc., except in the manner described in these Terms and Conditions or within the text of this website. ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. does not represent or warrant that the use of the Content of this website from your side will not infringe the rights of third parties, not owned by or affiliated with ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.. Except for the limited license described above, you are not authorized or granted any license or right to any industrial and/or intellectual property rights of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  or any other third party.

4. Trademarks/(Industrial) Property Rights

All product names appearing on this website, whether appearing with the logo or with their name accompanied by the registered trademark, are trademarks of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.. This website may contain or refer to patent rights, proprietary information, technologies, products, processes or other (industrial) property rights of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. and/or third parties. No license or right to these trademarks, patents, trade secrets, technologies, products, processes, etc. of which ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  or a third party is the owner is provided or granted to you.

5. Disclaimer

Although ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. makes reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on its website, the Content may contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors. ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  reserves the right to make changes, corrections and/or improvements to the Content, the products and the programs for which information is provided at any time without prior notice. ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the Content. ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  assumes no responsibility for any error or omission in the Content of the Website. ALL INFORMATION IS PROVIDED "AS IS". ELPEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO INC.  MAKES NO WARRANTY AS TO THE INTEGRITY OR ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE OR FOR ITS POTENTIAL USES. CONSEQUENTLY, THE INFORMATION MUST BE CAREFULLY EVALUATED BY VISITORS. NEITHER ELPEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO INC. NOR ANY OTHER COMPANY OF ELPEN GROUP, NOR ANY THIRD PARTY INVOLVED IN THE CREATION, CONSTRUCTION, OR PROVISION OF THIS WEBSITE TO YOU, SHALL BE DEEMED RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE ACCESS, USE OR INABILITY TO USE THIS WEBSITE OR FOR ANY ERROR OR OMISSION IN THE CONTENT OF THIS WEBSITE. ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by viruses that may infect your personal computer or other part of your property when accessing and using the website. ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  reserves the right to discontinue operation of this website at any time without prior notice and without any liability whatsoever.

6. Information you provide to us

Except for the information covered by the Privacy Policy, any communication of material you disclose to this website by e-mail or otherwise, including any data, questions, comments, suggestions, or similar material, will be treated as non-confidential and not protected by industrial or intellectual property rights. Anything you disclose or share becomes the property of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  and may be used for any purpose, including, but not limited to, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, retransmission, sending. In addition, ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  is free to use, without compensating you, any idea, concept, know-how or techniques that may be contained in any communication you disclose to the website for any purpose whatsoever, including developing, manufacturing and marketing products.

7. Worldwide Products

This website may contain information about products and services on a global scale that may not be available in all countries. Reference to a product or service on this website does not imply that the product or service will be available in your area. Information about products and services provided on this website is subject to and in accordance with Greek legislation. Therefore, visitors are advised that certain parts of the website are intended solely for certain categories of audience. Nothing on this website should be construed as a promotion or advertisement of any product or its use.

8. Links to this website from other websites

ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. has not reviewed any of the websites linked to this website and is not responsible for their content. Linking to this website is only allowed on the homepage. Linking to another page is only allowed with prior written permission from ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  Similarly, the use of passages or one or more extracts from this website without prior written permission from ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. is prohibited.

9. Links contained in the website

Links to other websites are provided for the interest and convenience of the user of this website. We will try to inform you when you leave this website that the rules of use and privacy policy of the website you visit may be different. However, ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc.  is not responsible for the links on this website and, in particular, for the accuracy and legality of their content. We assume no responsibility for violations or omissions in the privacy policy of other websites.

10. Notifications on this website

Although ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. may, from time to time, record or review conversations, discussions, notifications, postings, transmissions, transfers, newsletters and similar material on its website, ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. is under no obligation to do so and shall not be liable or responsible for the contents thereof or for any error, defamation, libel, calumny, omission, falsehood, profanity, pornography, blasphemy, danger, disclosure of personal data or inaccuracy contained in the contents of the aforementioned. You are prohibited from posting any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, vulgar, pornographic, profane, or other material that could constitute or encourage conduct that could be considered a criminal offense, tortious act or generally constitute a violation of any provision of law. ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. will fully comply with the police or other authorities or orders of any judicial, prosecutorial, or other legal authority, requiring it to disclose the identity of anyone who communicates, publishes, distributes, etc. such material or content.

11. Consequences

If it becomes known that you have violated any of the Terms and Conditions included in this legal document, we will immediately take corrective actions, including the prohibition of the use of the services offered by ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc., the removal of any information, data and content communicated on the website by the user, at any time and without notice. In the event that ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. suffers any damage, the company reserves all legal rights and claims for compensation for said damage.

12. Revisions

ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. has the legal right to revise the Terms and Conditions stated herein by updating this document. Such revisions are binding to you, so it is essential that you visit this page regularly and keep up to date with the current Terms and Conditions that are binding on you.

13. Complaints

In case you have any request or wish to express a complaint, please contact the ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co Inc. Call Centre +30 211 1865 000. We will make every effort to respond to your request or complaint as soon as possible.

14. Applicable Law

The above Terms and Conditions and any modification thereof shall be governed by Greek laws. Any provision of the above terms that is contrary to the law, shall automatically cease to be valid, and shall be removed from the present, without in any way affecting the enforceability and validity of the other terms. For any dispute related to this website, the Courts of the city of Athens are exclusively competent.