On April 29th and 30th, ELPEN, the pioneer Greek pharmaceutical industry, together with the Non Profit Organization «Siblefsi», visited the community of Iraklia, where they offered essential medical and logistical equipment for the local medical cabinet and school. With this action, ELPEN covered shortages and current needs for the life improvement of the island’s inhabitants.

This activity is part of ELPEN’s overall social contribution framework that runs across the country, which coincides with the work of «Siblefsi». «Siblefsi» supports in action and offers people living on remote islands access to necessary medical services that improve their health; the organization also offers access to essential educational equipment for local children.

On Sunday, April 30th, a ceremony for the equipment delivery was held at the cabinet and school of Iraklia. Mrs. Eleni Pentafraga attended the event as a representative of ELPEN: «The Greek pharmaceutical industry ELPEN remains firmly committed to the vision of Mr. Dimitrios Pentafragas, Chairman & Founder of the company, for continuous offering to our fellow men. Within this context, ELPEN is particularly sensible about matters pertaining to the needs of remote islands – needs, which the company supports even amidst the current crisis. Besides, ELPEN is the creation and inspiration of a pharmacist from Evros, who managed –with limited resources– to create a powerful company in the drug field, but also a worthy ambassador of Greece in international markets.”  

A portable otoscope, two portable sphygmomanometers (blood pressure meters) with an integrated stethoscope, No 1-4 ambu nozzles, one connective nozzle for children’s ambu, ambu filters for children and adults, one nursing trolley and two drug containers were donated to the medical cabinet.

Three laptops and one PC unit were offered to the High School of Iraklia, while one projector screen, one 40-42’’ flat screen, one digital photo camera, one videocamera, a 20-meter extension cord, a human dummy with detachable organs and an illuminated globe were donated to the island’s Primary School.

  09 May 2017