During the 4th “Business solutions and perspectives for pharmacies” professional two-day Meeting, which was organized by the Pharmacists’ Cooperative of Thessaloniki, under the auspices of the Pharmaceutical Association of Thessaloniki, ELPEN was an active participant. The meeting was held in Thessaloniki, on March 4th & 5th, 2017; 450 healthcare professionals attended the event. 

Throughout the meeting, 9 round tables were organized. During the sessions, current issues pertaining to the sustainability and business growth of contemporary pharmacies, with a particular focus on Greek non-prescription drugs (OTCs), were discussed.

One round table about “OTCs and GEDIFA: threats and opportunities for pharmacies – SYFA: An ally for pharmacies” was of particular interest. Mr. V. Pentafragas, ELPEN’s Corporate Affairs Director & Executive Consultant of the Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF), Mr. L. Farssakis, President of the Pharmacists’ Cooperative of Thessaloniki, Mr. K. Theodossiadis, President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Thessaloniki, Mr. D. Kouvelas, Professor, Medical School, Aristotle University, Mr. K. Panagoulias, Vice President of SFEE & BoD Vice President of VIANEX, Mrs. I. Tsetis, BoD President & CEO of OFET, Uni-Pharma ABEE and Intermed ABEE, and Mr. S. Kintzios, Business Development Manager of OFET & BoD Member of Intermed ABEE, participated in this round table.

In his public statement, Mr. Pentafragas mentioned: “The Greek Pharmacy must play a critical role nowadays, offering added value for the citizens and the ‘wounded’ health system alike. It is impertative for everyone to understand the need of enhancing all services that develop within pharmacies.” 

Referring to the issue of OTC (non-prescription drugs)/GEDIFA (General Distribution Drugs), Mr. Pentafragas pointed out PEF’s firm position, emphasizing that: “anything that is characterized by EOF as a drug must be distributed to citizens by the responsible healthcare practitioners; moreover, regardless of insurance coverage or means of reimbursement, they must be recorded within the electronic prescription system, under every civilian’s AMKA.”

Of note, ELPEN’s Consumer Health Care department participated in this two-day Meeting with several ALMORA plus products, namely Gantil, Fugentin and Rontamil.

  14 March 2017