Relief for the irritated throat

almora PLUS® CISTUS THROAT SPRAY is a medical device in spray form suitable for the relief of irritated throat. It is used for the treatment of symptoms caused by infections of the pharyngeal mucosa, such as irritated throat, dry mouth feeling, and difficulty in swallowing.

With its unique and well-studied composition of natural and antioxidant ingredients and a FILM-FORMING technology, creates a moisturizing soothing and protective film, ensures adequate effective contact time of the ingredients with the throat mucous membrane.

almora PLUS® CISTUS THROAT SPRAY contains:

  1. Cistus creticus,
  2. Sodium hyaluronate,
  3. Isatis Indigotica,
  4. Hippophaes Rhamnoides,
  5. Honey.


almora PLUS® CISTUS THROAT SPRAY, thanks to its natural ingredients and its FILM-FORMING technology, reduces throat discomfort and leaving a pleasant sense of freshness.  

Its composition based on hyaluronic acid that strongly retains water, promotes the formation of a film in which are trapped all its agents that exert moisturizing, lubricating and emollient action.

The antioxidant ingredients of its composition help neutralize free radicals, thus reducing irritation and inflammation.

Protective agents are substances that can prevent colonization of various external pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that have the ability to attach to the mucous membrane of the throat.

Irritated throat is expressed as pain or abrasion of the throat, which often worsens when swallowing. Irritated throat or sore throat is a common symptom often associated with a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, such as the common cold. Sore throat can be accompanied by inflammation in the throat area.

almora PLUS® CISTUS THROAT SPRAY it is considered as a total approach for the management of sore throat as its ingredients have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.

It can also be used for throat irritation, due to non-pathogenic causes, such as:

  1. Sleeping in a dry atmosphere
  2. Smoking
  3. Dust inhalation.

Dosage: Spray twice towards the throat.  It is used 1-3 times/ day depending on the needs and the intensity of the symptoms.

Suitable for adults.

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